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Setup Steam Game Server


If you are using Linux, we recommend that you deploy the steam server using a Docker image. More information

Install SteamCMD

No matter which Steam game server you want to run, PalWorld, CS2, ARK, or others, SteamCMD is required to download and update the server.

Create an Instance

  1. Go to the Instances page and click the Create button.
  2. Select Steam Game Server.
  3. Select the machine (node) where you would like to deploy the server.
  4. Select No Additional File Required.
  5. Configure the startup command following the official documentation (if any).

Obtain the Installation Command

Note: This is NOT the startup command
The same command is used to install and update the server. Each Steam game server has a unique APP ID, you will need this ID before running the following command:


The APP ID for the game itself and it's dedicated server is usually different. In most cases, we want to use the one for the dedicated server. Find the APP ID

"<SteamCMD Location>" +force_install_dir "{mcsm_workspace}" +login anonymous "+app_update <APP ID> validate" +quit

Project Zomboid Dedicated Server as an example:

"C:/SteamCMD/steamcmd.exe" +force_install_dir "/dir/to/your/game/" +login anonymous "+app_update 380870 validate" +quit

Configure the MCSManager

Add the steamcmd .... command obtained in the previous step to the Update Command in the Instance Settings. Click the Update button to install/Update the Steam server.

Once installed/updated, click the 'Start' button to start your server.


In some cases, adding validate to the update command will result in damaged savings, especially when it's in the same directory as the server. If you are unsure about this, create a backup before each update and/or remove the validate portion from the update command.)