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Upgrade & Reset MCSManager


Please backup the web/data and daemon/data directories to another location before upgrading your panel.

Before upgrade

Given MCSManager's distributed architecture, updating all daemons might be time-consuming if you have more than five. We recommend that only updating when we release a major version or security fixes.

If you have only a few daemons, upgrading your panel should not be a problem.

Updating the Panel

For Windows

  1. Download the latest zip file from the official website.
  2. Overwrite the existing panel directory.

For Linux

If you used the installation script, simply run the command again. The installation script supports automatic upgrades without damaging your data.

sudo su -c "wget -qO- | bash""

If you installed the panel manually, DO NOT use the installation script. Running the script will result in an additional MCSManager being installed.

To upgrade to the latest release of MCSManager, download the zip file from the official release page, and overwrite all current MCSManager files.

Reset Admin Account

If you lost access to the admin account, you can always create a new one with the following steps:

  1. Move the web/data/User directory to another location.
  2. Restart MCSManager, the initial setup page will be displayed.
  3. Follow the instructions and create a new admin account.
  4. Move back the web/data/User directory.
  5. Restart MCSManager

Reset Everything

All you need to do is delete the data folder.